Friday, March 25, 2016

Pininfarina Calmo - thesis project presentation

Finally, after 6 months of hard work the project was done. It changed a lot from the early concept state to its final form but the idea remained the same. To create a vehicle That reflects on the outside passengers sideways sitting position. An asymmetric car half made by computer and half hand crafted.

Calmo is a combination of future and tradition. Since we were to present a farfetched concept a lot of attention was paid on sculpturous form representing new approach to transportation. Design process was enhanced by usage of parametric modeling that allowed us to obtain one side, the other half was developed in "traditional" way by hand drawing. Obtaining dynamic yet well balanced proportions and incorporating the details into a structure were crucial for a volume that combines such a a clean surface with a vibrating mesh.

Whole thing took place in Pininfarina headquarters in Cambiano. We were presenting in front of board of professionals among which were Fabio Filipini and Nazzareno Epifani from Pininfarina and both our professors Masato Inoue and Marco Vendrame. 

Big thanks to my team and our professors that made development of this concept possible. Congratulation to all my classmates, we were all working hard on our proposals and to get to this point in our careers. 

If you are interested in how we worked on the project, feel free to ask questions in comments, or by e-mail. 

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